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DepuySynthes - Summit



About this product
Division: Hip Reconstruction
Category: Primary Femoral Stems
Titanium tapered stems have been clinically established in cementless total hip arthroplasty for many years. The SUMMIT Tapered Hip System is an advanced version of the tapered stem geometry philosophy. It was designed and launched in 2001. Its fixation is the foundation of long-term clinical success3, a biocompatible titanium alloy, combined with POROCOAT Porous Coating and underlying radial ZTT™ macro texture, creates a surface that enhances initial stability and biologic in-growth.3,7
The SUMMIT stem is also available with DUOFIX HA coating, which combines the clinically proven fixation of POROCOAT Porous Coating with the potential benefits of hydroxyapatite (HA) coating 8,9,10.

Features & Benefits


Features Benefits
POROCOAT Porous Coating has over 30 years Clinical Heritage
  • Clinical proven press-fit value and optimum pore size for bony in-growth providing long term stability 8,9
  • Porous surface area extends to the metaphyseal/diaphyseal junction
DUOFIX ( combination of POROCOAT Porous Coating and Hydroxyapatite)
  • Proprietary application of HA coating over proven Porocoat porous coating1,2
  • Potential for rapid osteointegration and long term fixation
Radial ZTT Steps
  • Designed to convert hoop stresses to compression loads with evidence of good clinical performance 3
  • Reduced risk of intra-operative fracture 4
Direct Lateralization
  • Enables femoral offset restoration without affecting leg length
  • Offset options to help surgeons more effectively manage soft tissue laxity
Neck Design
  • Neck geometry designed to decrease the risk of dislocation due to impingement and increase range of motion 5,6



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