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DepuySynthes - Sigma Revisão TC3

About this product

Division: Knee Reconstruction
Category: Revision Knees

The SIGMA TC3 System design is the most constrained device available within the P.F.C. SIGMA Knee System and is indicated for use in cases where collateral ligaments are deficient. This comprehensive system offers both a fixed bearing and rotating platform option. Additionally surgeons are able to address bone and soft tissue defects with a variety of products including augments, wedges, stems, and metaphyseal sleeves. This system’s approach to revision knee surgery provides the surgeon with maximum intra-operative flexibility.


Features & Benefits


Features Benefits
Unique tibial bearing options
  • Rotational freedom to actively diffuse loosening forces especially when higher levels of constraint are present.2
  • MBT Revision Tray provides a platform for progressive compensation of bone loss.
  • Designed to compressively load the tibia.

Common MBT Revision Tibial Base used across constraint levels

  •  Intra-operative flexibility
  • Address an array of patient needs
  • OR efficiency with common tibial base and preparation as used in higher constrained implant options
  • Allows for bearing rotation that reduces torsional stresses on tibial base1

Metaphyseal sleeves for tibia and femur2

  • Modular porous sleeves accommodate Engh Type II bone defects
  • Provide rotational stability
  • Compressively load the bone according to Wolff’s Law
  • Intra-operative flexibility
  • Restores varying patient anatomies

Streamlined Instrumentation

  • Intra-operative flexibility
  • Common instrumentation if need to increase levels of constraint
  • Addresses an array of patient needs
HP Instrumentation

SIGMA® High Performance Instruments drive performance through efficiency, precision, and flexibility. It's a system that provides surgeons with one set of instruments, no matter their approach, with the use of a modular delivery system. Quick release controls allow for one-handed instrument positioning, with locking mechanisms that are easy to activate, and color-coded for clear visual identification. The quick connect power pinning system enhances usability.



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