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Depuysynthes - C-STEM AMT

About this product

Division: Hip Reconstruction
Category: Femoral Stems

The C-STEM AMT Triple Taper Stabilised Hip builds upon the clinical success of the original C-STEM Triple Taper Stabilised Hip and its unique triple tapered highly polished design2-4. The functional intra-medullary geometry of orginal C-STEM has been maintained whilst the extra-medullary geometry has been enhanced with a raised lateral shoulder, for better visualization during insertion, and the addition of the 12/14 ARTICUL /EZE® mini-taper. This taper provides the surgeon with increased versatility due to its compatibility with the extensive DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction femoral head and acetabular portfolio.

C-STEM AMT, implanted using a modern cementing technique and a proven bone cement1is designed to restore function to today's patient population in hybrid total hip arthroplasty. THA continues to evolve and improve as time and experience reveal which design features improve results. The original C-STEM implant established a taper slip stem that not only worked with the bone cement mantle, but was also the first stem to demonstrate positive bone remodelling through an even proximal load transfer.2, 3



Features & Benefits


Features Benefits
Available in standard and high offset
  • To provide more options to accurately address the anatomy of each patient
Optimised Mini ARTICUL/EZE® taper
  • Designed to increase range of motion compared to a standard length 12/14 taper5
Narrow Anterior-Posterior Neck Geometry
  • Increases theoretical range of motion compared to C-stem in flexion/extension6
Deep medial profile
  • To load the proximal femur anatomically5
Broad proximal medial to lateral dimensions
  • Provides torsional stability7
Triple taper stem section
  • Loads the medial bone and optimises interface stresses designed to enhanced bone remodelling2
Highly-polished surface finish
  • Prevents “sandpapering” effect at the stem-cement interface8


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