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Division: Hip Reconstruction
Category: Hip Reconstruction

BIOLOX® delta is a zirconia-toughened, platelet-reinforced alumina ceramic, designed to incorporate the wear properties and stability of alumina with improved material strength and toughness and a distinctive color. BIOLOX delta material contains 82% of alumina, 17% tetragonal zirconia particles, 0.5% strontium aluminate and 0.5% chromium oxide. All values are approximate values by volume compositions. 


Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Available in 28, 32, and 36mm femoral head sizes Treats a wide variety of patient anatomies
ARTICUL/EZE® 12/14 Head Tapers available in three neck lengths, +1.5, +5.0, and +8.5 Designed to Restore Biomechanics
S-ROM® 11/13 head tapers available in three neck lengths, +0, +1.5, +3 and +6 Designed to Restore Biomechanics
BIOLOX delta material contains 74% alumina & 25% zirconia

Hardness of alumina (low wear)

Fracture toughness; due to resistance to fracture of zirconia2

Latest generation of ceramic material

Improved wear on polyethylene vs. cobalt chrome heads1

Improved burst strength compared to alumina ceramic heads2.



1. Liao, Y.-S., K. Greer, et al. “Effects of Head and Roughness on the Wear of 7.5 Mrad Crosslinked-Remelted UHMWPE Acetabular INserts.” Poster No 1901, 54th Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society.

2.Rack, R. and H.G. Pfaff. “A New Ceramic Material for Orthopedics.” Proceedings of the 5th International CeramTec Symposium, G. Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart, 2000: 141-145.



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